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clientOFFF Festival 2011 7
1. Year Zero - Offf festival 2011 titles 1 2

PostPanic asked me to help out with a few scenes for the 2011 OFFF festival titles according to the designs and animatic created by PostPanic.

I worked remotely on 3 shots, which were already tracked, and was provided with particle driven geometry and textures from other scenes.


media items

1. Year Zero - Offf festival 2011 titles   
2. shot selection of personal involvement


- creating (under supervision) the facial virus shots

- rendering and pre-compositing of the facial virus shots

directorMischa Rozema
audio designHecq
CG supervisorIvor Goldberg & Chris Staves
duration3 days (remote)
software3Ds Max | ParticleFlow | After FX