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The Herder - Basic Overview (quick fix) - after 30 seconds it gets more into detail

Farm Monitoring Tools - a.k.a. "The Herder"
In-house developed interface to monitor the renderfarm and it's machines from a workstation.

*As seen on Siggraph 2014 - Toronto, presented by Thinkbox Software*

This tool gives an instant overview of a (small) renderfarm on the desktop.
It shows the hardware & render state of multiple machines and provides
relevant information about the renderfarm and it’s running jobs.


A big thanks goes out to Johan boekhoven for helping with the Python scripts that make this tool possible.
And to Thinkbox for providing support and Deadline beta's


to do list

- Slave version with deadline information only (no need to install OHM)
- Pool version similar to the Farm version


Want to run it on your farm, get in touch!


durationa few weeks mostly in between renders
softwaredeadline - rainmeter