This website shows a selection of work from 2009-2014




clientGoogle2010 8
agencyAKQA (San Francisco)
1. Google Adwords 'Thank you' video 1 2

PostPanic asked me to join their team for 3 weeks to work together on creating the Google Adwords 10 year celebration web-video.

When I joined the production had already started and I was assigned to complete a number of shots according to the designs and animatic created by PostPanic.


media items

1. Google Adwords 'Thank you' video   
2. shot selection of personal involvement


- design (under supervision), modelling, texturing, animation and implementation of bee wing elements for all bee shots
- creation of level of detail models to optimize rendering performance, based on a previously modeled, textured bee bodies

- lighting, texturing and rendering hero bee shots

directorMischa Rozema
audio designBluwi
CG supervisorIvor Goldberg
duration3 weeks (in house)
software3Dsmax | Particleflow