This website shows a selection of work from 2009-2014




clientTMD Security2011 1
agencyReckman & Reckman
1. TMD Experience Intro Animation 1 2 3 4

All the projects for TMD Security are a joined venture with my brother Yoeri (Noeste Arbeid) as Reckman & Reckman. Yoeri has his focus on the corporate concepts and copywriting and my focus is on 3D, technical and design supervision. Together we are responsible for the complete line of corporate communication of TMD Security worldwide including several presentations, animations, brochures and online media.

This project is a redesign of the first TMD Experience of 2009. This time a completely new set of intro/chapter videos was created and the existing technical animations were extensively upgraded and extended. In total around 15 minutes of unique animation was created. In addition 14 new web videos were created existing of live footage and technical animations.


1. TMD Experience Intro Animation
2. TMD Experience Techreel (censored)
3. TMD Experience Full Animatic
4. TMD Experience Basic Animatic



- direct client consulting

- visual concept creation

- art direction & technical supervising (2D & 3D)

- 3D creation, animation, rendering and post-production




Hajo Hoetjes - scripting tools and assisting with line animation

Steven Aarts - intro audiotrack
duration2.5 months
software3Ds Max | FumeFX | Particleflow | Realflow | AfterFX