This website shows a selection of work from 2009-2014




clientTatrabanka2009 5
agencyVaculik Advertising (Slovakia)
1. TatraBanka Cube commercial 1 2 3

Being the first collaboration with PostPanic I joined their team for 3 weeks to work together on creating the first cinema commercial for Tatrabanka. When I joined the production had already started and I helped the team by creating one complete shot a number of elements for different shots according to the designs and animatic created by PostPanic.


media items

1. TatraBanka Cube commercial   
2. shot selection of personal involvement   
3. (project entry) animatic shot selection of personal involvement


- modeling of objects for the first short

- modeling, texturing and animating the second (factory) shot

- rendering for factory shot with team assistance.

- modeling of the machine in the fifth shot

directorChris Staves
CG supervisorIvor Goldberg
duration3 weeks
software3Ds Max