This website shows a selection of work from 2009-2014




clientLassa2010 1
agencyRafineri (Istanbul)
1. Lassa 'Road of Life' commercial 1 2 3

One day I got a call from MojoFX with the request to make a Lassa commercial within 3.5 weeks. Three days later I was picked up from the Istanbul airport and got started the day after. Using their concept outline and some models from turbosquid and made by the MojoFX team the project was finished in three weeks. Being my first extensive remote job Mojo have given me a great working experience and a day of explore Istanbul before heading back home.


media items

1. Lassa 'Road of Life' commercial   
2. initial intro shot that never made the final version
3. Lassa Animatic


- direct agency & client contact
- 3D modeling supervisor

- 3D creation & rendering

directorSinan Göksel &
duration3.5 weeks in Istanbul
software3Ds Max | ParticleFlow | Realflow