This website shows a selection of work from 2009-2014




clientPostPanic Pictures2015 45
1. Sundays by PostPanic - Contributed shot incl. W.I.P. 1 2 3

After a succesfull Kickstarter campain PostPanic Pictures’ started working on their debut film project SUNDAYS.
Assisting with the VFX part I've helped to create the plane crash shot lead by VFX supervisor Ivor Goldberg.

Working remotely in between projects I've created the plane textures (based on provided artwork) incl. mapping, added some geometry details to plane, and lit the scene and plane prior to rendering it out in different layers.
The plane shading was finalised by PostPanic
Additionally a few basic dust layers were created where the plane hits the ground, these were used during the previz stages.


media items

1. Sundays - contributed shot incl. Work In Progress renders
2. Sundays - full version (15 min)

3. Sundays - contributed shot - making of by PostPanic


- creating (under supervision) mapping, base-materials, geometric details for the plane
- setting up hdri based reflections and light for the scene and airplane
- rendering to layers for compositing of the shot
- created basic dust layer for plane and ground interaction


directorMischa Rozema
audio designAudioNerve
durationa few days
software3Ds Max - FumeFX