This website shows a selection of work from 2009-2014




clientTatrabanka2009 5
agencyVaculik Advertising (Slovakia)
1. TatraBanka Robot Commercial 1 2

PostPanic asked me to join their team for 3 weeks to work together on creating a second cinema commercial for Tatrabanka. The production had already started and I helped out the team by creating a number of elements for different shots according to the designs and animatic by PostPanic.

After the original delivery I returned to create the stereoscopic version preceding Avatar in the cinema.


media itmes

1. TatraBanka Robot Commercial   
2. TatraBank 3D Cinema Version (stereoscopic preview)


- working with the team to create (particle driven) animation and rendering

- creating the last shot based on the animatic using 3d assets from the other shots

- creation and rendering for stereoscopic cinema output

directorChris Staves
CG supervisorIvor Goldberg
duration4 weeks incl. stereoscopic
software3Ds Max | ParticleFlow