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Exhibition Photographs
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Samsung Innovating Evolution Video Registration

Curved display 360 content (1 of 4 screens)

Tablet-Wave installation content

Focus4 got in touch to create deep sea visuals for several high resolution elements for the Samsung Innovating Evolution Exhibition in the KaDeWe in Berlin.
One element was a pillar with 4 4k curved Samsung displays that needed a 360 degree content loop with a length of 10 minutes.
The other element consisted out of 144 tablets mounted to an interactive waving installation. For this we created 5 minute looping content setup in 5×3 4k resolution videos.
All of this was rendered with the in-house renderfarm and delivered through the in-house 1Gb/s server.


  • Team lead
  • Animation
  • Shading and Rendering
  • Compositing

Director Jannis Kreft
CG Producer m.rckmn.nl
Animation Johan Boekhoven