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In the nineties I came into contact with 3D Techniques and I have been working professionally since 2005.

Through a lot of experience and interests in various digital media projects, I have become a 3D specialist with a versatile skill-set and broad knowledge capable of leading multidisciplinary teams.

Supported by a powerful internal digital infrastructure and a professional network of freelancers I focus on solving your creative challenge internally or remotely.


Graduated Interaction Design at the Art, Media and Design department of the School of Arts Utrecht. Since 2005 I have produced and led project with up to 10 artists. Mostly VFX related and on occasion multidisciplinary digital projects with (web) programmers, 2D designers and print related output.

I have worked directly for and with companies, with agencies and with (post)production houses. Living in different countries during freelancing has given me extensive experience in remote working for all types of clients and projects. Diversity within my project keeps me fresh and I’ve found that my ideal project duration ranges between 2 weeks up to 4 months.

Digital infrastructure

  • 1 GB/s up/down glassfiber internet speed
  • 46 TB fileserver / client FTP
  • In-house renderfarm
  • Secure data exchange and synchronized workflow for remote freelancers


Below you’ll find different examples on how we can work together. Of course you can always contact me when you are interested in a tailor-made collaboration.

Directly for your company

While working directly with your internal marketing team we will brainstorm about your promotional needs.
Whether it’s a video, print, packaging, product visualization or a complete new digital identity; I can help you understand the process and guide you while we produce your new visual experience together with a network of professionals.
I won’t need a permanent desk as I’ll do most of the heavy lifting remotely, but I’ll be happy to drop by when you prefer to talk face to face.


  • Concept creation management
  • Packaging visuals creation
  • Print artwork creation
  • Promotional video creation
  • Commercial creation and management
For your production house

When your internal team is crunching away it’s current deadlines and you are looking to unload a number of shots or a complete project, you’ve come to the right place.
With a professional network of freelancers at hand I can take care of your content creation without you having to monitor every step.
After an in-person creative brief we determine the milestones, dailies and deadlines.
I’ll make sure they are for-filled in a timely fashion and will keep you up to date along the way and make sure the creative concept stays intact. For longer projects I can come by every now and then to discuss all updates in person.


  • Relieve your stress by taking over (a part of) your project
  • Making sure deadlines are made
  • Stick to the creative brief
  • Create any type of VFX content
For your creative agency

You have a unique concept and dare to let it be produced remotely.
We will meet at the start and you will give me every detail of your creative concept.
After discussing the milestones and workflow I’ll keep you up to date with every step along the way while visualising your brain child.


  • Making your concept a visual reality
  • Creating motion and visuals for any digital platform
  • Making sure you get it all delivered in an organized and orderly fashion

Professional Friends

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