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      Planet X


      Dennis Bots

      Visual Breakdown

      Planet X reached out looking for a VFX team to help with the yearly ‘Sinterklaas’ NTR News items.
      After explaining how we work as a team (which is basically like a regular studio but without the physical walls around us) we got started.
      Michiel was send out to shoot the boat references and had started on the modelling process while I continued with the guys to schedule the rest of the tasks.

      Along the way the timeline turned out to conflict with my holiday on a critical point so I asked Michael to jump in and take over the team and to kickstart the production to ensure the best possible outcome for Planet X.


      • Project initiator
      • Rendering & Renderfarm infrastructure
      • synchronized central project server
      • checking in on the progress from a sunny Valencia

      VFX Supervisor Albert van Vuure, NVX
      VFX producer Michael Visser
      Simulations Johan Boekhoven
      Modeling Michiel Quist
      Compositing Giso Spijkerman